Maximize Your Revenue With Real-Time Predictive Intelligence

Predictor Smart Pricing predicts in real-time the best price of every product for every customer, in every market and competitive situation.​​

Margin increase

Algorithm processing

Number of variables

Deployment time

Market leading pricing solutions




3 months

5 - 10%


~ 10

> 1 year

Benchmark of pricing solutions by a Fortune 500 company


Smart Pricing

Real-time machine learning

Empower time-critical decision-
making with our unique
technology capability to execute
sophisticated machine learning
models in milliseconds in

Performance at scale

Deploy and scale our solutions to support your entire organization and growing demands, high performance in production guaranteed

Human-centric design

Our solutions help people at work. What our AI does, how it does and how it integrates into work experience are thoughtfully designed so that people can unleash their best human potential

Control and flexibility

Steer the solutions in line with your specific business strategy and rules as they evolve. Own full control of your decision-making and adjust business rules as needed on the fly


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Maximize Your Revenue

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