Augmented Sales

Your ultra-connected customers demand personalized experience. A click on your email, a phone call, are the rare moments they explicitly tell you what they are looking for. Predictor Augmented Sales provide your salespeople real-time information and predictive intelligence that they can act on to personalize customer engagement.

Augment Your Salespeople with AI

Easy access to customer data via an intuitive web interface
Aggregate all structured and unstructured data scattered in different applications

Transform customer knowledge data into useful and actionable information

Visualize commercial objectives and daily tasks
Ultra-personalized customer relation with intelligent predictions


Suggest the most relevant products to each customer, up-sell and cross-sell based on product scoring

Predict customers who are likely to discontinue a service

Manage customer value and optimize loyalty

Prioritize the most promising prospects

Predict the next immediate action to take following a customer event (e.g. website visit, new sales conversation...) 


Customer Case Study


Sales target prioritization: Sales agents of MACSF receive every month a list of leads to whom they make outbound calls to make appointments. While MACSF sends a list of 400 000 leads a year, sales agents’ capacity is to contact 120 000. Which leads should they prioritize? 

Next best action: Out of the 120 000 leads that sales agents contact, they succeed to make appointments with merely 10 000. When is the best time to contact the leads? 

Product recommendation: What products to sell to each prospect? MACSF used to take months to build the scoring model and the result was not satisfying.


We reduce time-to-value of predictive models from months to minutes and increase accuracy by 50%.


•  Increase lead conversion

•  Grow sales

•  Enhance sales agents efficiency and satisfaction

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