Pricing is the top 1 driver for your company’s profitability.

We support leading companies to boost their profits with real-time predictive intelligence. 

Built with state-of-the-art Machine Learning technologies, our solution is customized for every business need.

Pricing and Revenue Managers
Develop data-driven pricing strategy, act on real-time KPIs and execute margin and revenue improvement actions in just a few clicks
Points of Sale
Provide easy-to-use tools for store managers and sales reps to propose real-time optimized prices to customers
Online Websites
Integrate real-time pricing into e-commerce, air, train tickets and hotel reservation websites 
Optimized price recommendation
in real time for each product, each client, in each market and competitive situation
360-degree price and sales view
per product and per client (price histories, predictive sales, price elasticity etc.)
Pricing strategy simulation
for each product, region and customer segment
Automated AI model training
getting smarter on the fly thanks to continued learning

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